TexLUG Details
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TexLUG Defined

TexLUG = Texas LEGO® Users Group

A group of people within the state of Texas who identify themselves as an AFOL (Adult Fan of LEGO) and have been meeting regularly since 2001. More details here.

Top-Level Organization of TexLUG

Over the years, TexLUG has evolved into a large group and has had sub-groups develop into stand-alone LUGs (LEGO® Users Group). These are the current LUGs within Texas (some officially recognized by LEGO®; some in development).

• TexLUG = A blanket designation. When the Houston area LUG becomes official, TexLUG will serve primarily central Texas (Austin and nearby areas) but also those who don’t find their Texas region represented.

TexLUG-SA = The San Antonio area LUG

DFW LUG = The Dallas & Ft. Worth area LUG

TBRR = The Texas Brick Railroad (a LEGO® trains fan group covering all of Texas)

TexLUG-Houston = The Houston area LUG (currently being formed into a separate, official LUG)

TexLUG-Austin = The Austin Area LUG (officially called just TexLUG)

I Want to Join!


• Austin area: TexLUG-Austin

• Dallas & FW area: DFW LUG

• Houston area: TexLUG-Houston

• San Antonio area: TexLUG-SA

• Specialty in LEGO® trains: TBRR

Current News & Events

The best method of getting current with TexLUG is to join one of the email lists or other LUGs stated above.

The News and Announcements page sometimes has new info, but is infrequently updated... until we can find a better webmaster ;-)

Contact Inquiries

Confused? Interested? Wanna say hi!? Contact Us!

Brick Fiesta!

Brick Fiesta is the premier LEGO® fan event in Texas. It has been occurred annualy since 2011.

Brick Fiesta is its own entity. TexLUG, TexLUG-SA, DFW LUG, and TBRR are supporters and sponsors of the event.


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