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  1. The Lego Mom says:


    My son loves to build legos and now has 10 to 12 large models. Does anyone have ideas on how to display the models so that he can still play with them but they are out of reach of his 4-year old brother who enjoys destroying them?

    many thanks!
    The Lego Mom

    • Keith Skaggs says:

      How about mounting a flat plate or brick with superglue onto the wall then attaching the model to the wall by the plate or brick for easy removal. Just attach the model tall enough to keep it out of the reach of the younger brother

  2. Rik says:

    How can I confirm the meeting date, place & time for the TexLUG Dallas chapter.

    I submitted to the mail list twice with no replay.

    This Web Site says:
    Dallas* August 4th, 9:00 AM Stonebriar Lego Store, Frisco TX
    * The Dallas Chapter has regular meetings scheduled for the first Saturday of the Month, 9:00 AM at the Stonebriar Lego Store in Frisco Texas.

  3. M. Baysinger says:

    Hello! Please add me to your mailing list. Thanks!

  4. M. Baysinger says:

    Hello – is there a meeting at the San Antonio Lego Store for TEX LUG on August 25 at 11am? I have it written on my calendar, but now cannot find that info anywhere again to confirm. Thanks! MB

  5. gjgeracci says:

    Iwas at the Nov 16 and 17 in New Braunfels .Whatta show .Kurt and dave , as well as Pat outdid themselves again .i got to display All my Mocs built to date and one for my landlady .Loved the event !

  6. My son is staring a junior high lego club. Does anyone have some ideas of what to do at our meetings?

  7. Laura says:

    Greetings Everyone. I am in need of some help and advice. My best friend died
    2 weeks ago. He was a veteran of the USMC and the USAF. The only thing that
    brought him joy was building and collecting his star wars legos. His mom speaks
    very little english and does not understand his collection and wants to give
    it away or donate it. She has authorized me to try to sell it. I am unsure
    how to move a collection this large. There is a least 100 sets. All are complete,
    built and on display. We have all of the boxes (all have been safely flattened
    and stored in a large container) and all of the instruction manuals (also stored
    in another safe box). I need to know where I can sell these, if anyone is interested
    in the collection, part of the collection or of any other way that I can share
    these with those who share in his passion instead of them winding up in the trash.
    I have 24 pictures to share and I tried to post them on this page, but the photos
    are too big. I have posted them on craigs list for now to see what will happen.
    please check them out here. I tried to get help on BrickLink but was declined posting due to my external link. Before that was deleted, someone suggested that I try asking for help here. Thanks. Please email me through Craigslist link or

  8. Bobby says:

    We’re hosting a big “Lego Movie” night at Austin Ridge Bible Church Friday, May 8th 2015 in Austin, TX – for kids and families to come watch the movie, win prizes, build, and tons more!

    We would love to have some professional LEGO users that could share some of their builds (the bigger, the better) and talk to kids about building – tips, favorites, and more.

    If you are one that is interested, please reply on this thread and let me know. The last movie night we had was well over 300 people in attendance and we would love to highlight your work with such a possibility!


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