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Austin TexLUG Window, July 2012: Classic Display

Sunday, July 1st, 2012

Title: Classic Display
Presented by: Will Horner

Usually TexLUG presents totally, or mostly unique creations in the TexLUG display window. This month is a special case however.  With Brick Fiesta this month, all TexLUG members where preparing their best works for that event. Will thankfully took the time to display the classic sets Space Shuttle Launch (1682) and Shell Service Station (6378).  Here is what he has to say about this selection:

“I picked the shell station because it is built almost entirely of common bricks still available, and reached back to a time when Lego used real world products in the set. these things make it one of my favorite sets ever.”

“The shuttle set i picked because I’m a big fan of the space program. its the first set that really captured the reality of the shuttle/space program for me and still makes me think of the limitless reach of mans potential and how we can get these ideas across to our kids in the simplest of ways. Swooshing that shuttle around is to this day one of the things that always chokes me up a little. that’s what Lego can do.”

I would also like to add that Will and I both received the Shell Station for Christmas when we it was new on the market, as I imagine many of our the AFOLs in our age range did and I am happy to see it on display.


Austin TexLUG Window, June 2012: Steampunk Airship with Landscape

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Title: Steampunk Airship with Landscape

Creators: Arron Olmstead & Glen Wadleigh

This was a joint Window project.  Aaron developed and built the Airship and Glen built the landscape.

The airship is expressed a strong Steampunk influence.  The figures draw heavily from the western and pirate themes.  The blimp is an official Lego element from the set “Balloon Expedition” 5956 which was released in 1999.

The landscape is unfortunately incomplete as depicted.  In my humble opinion it still looks great but it is actually built as a belt for a conveyor belt system.  If you look closely you can see the grey plates bellow the dark blue which are tread elements.   The original intent was for the Landscape to “recede” from the viewer giving a semblance of forward motion for the Airship.


We were able to get the belt system working in time for Brick Fiesta where this display received a nomination for the “Mechanical” category.




Austin TexLUG Window, May 2012: Beach Resort

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Title: Beach Resort

Creator: Will Heron

Will is one of the regular contributors to the Austin TexLUG window, usually providing great architectural designs.   This beach resort is no  exception to his great track record.

One of the things I love about Will’s displays is that they  join solid architectural art with clever minifig implementation.

If you pay close attention you will note that many of the figures are cleverly paired together from the Lego Minifig Series.  I especially like the micro-vignette of the Wolfman and Red Riding Hood.  I imagine she will have little trouble with the Wolfman what with the friendly neighborhood Spider-man hanging nearby.



I am guessing that those orange and blue legs hanging around belong to the diver on the beach…pretty clever way of keeping your fig element from getting separated.

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